Refresh Your Countertops in Lewis Center

Above all, your kitchen and bathrooms need to be functional, but there’s no reason why they can’t look great at the same time! In both rooms, think about what catches your eye the fastest—no, it’s not the walls or floors—it’s the countertops.

Countertops are also used, a lot. Many of our Lewis Center clients don’t pay much attention to their countertops until there’s something wrong with them. When that happens, Miracle Stoneworks LLC is on hand to fix it.

Refinishing vs. Replacing

If you haven’t heard for refinishing or resurfacing before, you’re probably considering replacing your dull, scratched or stained countertops. But there’s a better option. Bathroom and kitchen counter resurfacing is your best option to get a fresh new look without spending more money than you want.


If you’re lucky, a full countertop replacement in Lewis Center will take you three days, with a prefab wood or laminate countertop. But if during your replacement you’d also like to upgrade to something like tile or wood/concrete that’s built on-site, you can be looking at 12 to 24 days!

These are all estimates that do not allow for fabrication time which depending on availability of materials can stretch the process on much longer.

Resurfacing kitchen countertops will take a matter of hours, and even if you want to do something fancier like an epoxy finish to mimic stone over top laminate, curing will be finished overnight.


Installing new countertops is going to cost you in the thousands. An average quote is about $1,500 but it can climb to $2,000 or more.

Slab installations which also take the longest, cost the most at an astounding $3,000. If you think you can get off easy with laminate, guess again. That price can climb as well.

Countertop refinishing costs sit at a $775 average, but can get to about $1,000 if you really push it.

You can accomplish nearly anything you could with a full install, by simply refinishing. It’s also more eco-friendly since you won’t be trashing all that old material and manufacturing new surfaces!

Unless you’re really stuck on installing a fabulous custom-created concrete countertop, refinishing is your best option to get a fresh new look at a fraction of the cost.

Just Like New

If you’re looking to enhance your countertops’ original look or switch it up completely, countertop refinishing will do that, and at Miracle Stoneworks LLC we’ll do it correctly.

Don’t waste time with doing it yourself or hiring an inexperienced company, give our dedicated team a call today to book your free quote for services.

We’ll be happy to show you our past work and discuss what we can do to make your countertops look even better than you can imagine!